Hotdoor cadtools v7 0

Works just like other Illustrator tools! Download for Mac or Windows. Grid tool adds settings for color and styles. Also includes fixes for Mojave. Span dimension tools and boxed text enhance UX design.

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Detail tool generates close-up views with scale control.

CADshortcuts and automatic dimensions. Numerically move and transform objects in scale with CADtracker. Select from a wide range of engineering and architectural scales or create an unlimited number of custom scales.

Hot Door CADtools 11.1.1

Grid tool adds settings for color and styles. Choose a product and then click the buy button. Create art with custom 3D-like view angles using the CADaxonometric panel.

Create beautiful live dimensions as measurements, letter, number, or custom text. Integrated Live Chat adds faster friendly tech support. CADtools adds 92 tools to the hotddoor panel.

Hot Door - CADtools - Overview

Quickly access all tools and panels with CADdashboard. Add polish to professional docs with clever compact fractions. CADtools adds 92 drawing, editing, labeling, dimensioning, transformation, creation, and utility tools organized in 10 tool groups in the Adobe Illustrator tool panel.

Show full screen cursors to easily create and edit CADtools objects. Multiple license discounts appear in cart.

See changelog for details. Live hotdoog follow and respond to artwork changes. Click-drag tools with seamless integration. Other Hot Door products for design productivity. License for Mac or Windows, one per user. Document or layer scales and scale calculator. View angle, perimeter, length, and area of one or more paths or placed images.

Unlimited styles for dimensions and labels. New features in CADtools Save time by applying custom presets cadtols retain CADtools settings.

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Dimension with axonometric dimension tools or flatten into front, side, or plan views. Click and drag dimensions or labels on every possible object, path, or point in space. Guides and hotxoor your way. Measure and transform objects in scale. New CADsymbols library includes architecture, people, and landscape artwork that automatically scale to the target layer. Works just like other Illustrator tools!

Span dimension tools and boxed text enhance UX design.

Each product page allows you to configure your software choices. Instantly apply dimensions to artwork by using the CADshortcuts panel.

CADunits cover all possibilities. Red dots indicate the number and placement of mouse-clicks to edit or create an object, label or dimension.

The context-sensitive CADhelp panel shows step-by-step details and video tutorials for the current tool or panel.

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