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Please email us regarding further details of your purchase and we can provide assistance once we determine the product you need help with. I am having classipres custom work done to have it work with another plugin called advanced search plugin and would like to have it all work with 3. May 11, at 5: The Statify child theme will be updated very soon as classipres, so keep an eye on both of these! April 25, Reply. The child themes ClassiClean and ClassiEstate are fully responsive now.

You can read the full list on the changelog. I would like to know if there is how to integrate facebook connect so that users do not have to put the data to create an ad.

People who liked this. Apr 24, at May 13, at The ClassiAlerts plugin has also been updated to version 1.

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Jun 11, at 2: Currently though, both of these would require customization of the default theme on your part if you were looking to implement them. Hi, Head of for the developers, cp 3. Upgrading from previous versions When you activate ClassiPress 3. Affiliates Summary Links Terms of Service. Featured list is behaving weirdly.

Responsiveness ClassiPress is now fully responsive which means it scales perfectly on mobile devices. Btw clasdipress the Spanish and German translation seems to break the entire Widget area of classipress.

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ClassiPress 3.3 is Responsive, So are Themebound Products!

Customers who have implemented a similar setup have classipresw so through the use of a WordPress multisite setup and separate sub-domains for locations, however additional customization is also required for this. It can be downloaded from the ClassiPress language packs page here. Much More These are the major features coming with ClassiPress 3.

Hi, I want to know if classipress can do the following or if there is classipresss at the Marketplace that can do it: My site not detects the update. If you are looking to purchase a marketplace product but are not sure of version compatibility, we would recommend that you contact the seller in the comments section of their Marketplace product page for clarification.

When do you expect the updated version to be ready? Thanks, has it been updated? Some items will need a little help after updating.

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Can you please try again? ClassiPress is not encrypted, so you are free to make modifications if you wish.

Apr 23, at Settings pages We have implemented new settings pages to make manage settings even easier. Jun 4, at 4: As usual, we have had our work cut out updating our products to work with the new version of ClassiPress, and we are almost done ensuring you can download a compatible version of your products with minimum fuss.

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