Sicko mobb remember me

Melophobia by Cage The Elephant. Top 50 Music Albums of Comedown Machine by The Strokes. Sicko Mobb connects to a fresh, young audience in music.

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Reflektor by Arcade Fire 3. The Next Day by David Bowie In My Maserati feat.

Sicko Mobb Drops ‘Remember Me’ Music Video | Welcome To

Random Access Memories by Daft Punk. Top 50 Music Albums of Bitches N Bikinis feat. What About You 6. AM by Arctic Monkeys 4.

Super Saiyan Vol. 1 (album) by Sicko Mobb : Best Ever Albums

The Next Day by David Bowie. Sunbather by Deafheaven 9.

Yeezus by Kanye West 7. Amok by Atoms For Peace Hoes B Goin feat. Sicko Mobb is the new wave in Hip Hop-young, fun and 'boppin'. They want me to rob the king Go top a lotta flesh for me Fuck a lotta thots for me Make sure more familie's straight for me All the tired ass girls are holdin' on All friend, we don't fuck Patron Skull got me rollin' out Dumb bitches potent now Already floatin' now BO8 I'm holdin' on Drops been in the 5th and I'm in the zone The mash stains got me in my muthafuckin' zone Hook x2.

Less than a year into the rap game, Sicko Mobb has already sold out college campuses, Including Northern Illinois and Southern Illinois universities.

Drugs In Me lyrics

Be With Me 4. Acid Rap by Chance The Rapper Please log in or register if you want to be able to add a favourite. The total number of charts that this album has appeared in.

Melophobia by Cage The Elephant Most Searched Sicko Mobb Lyrics. This album At A Glance. The tracks on this album have an average rating of 79 out of 8 out of 15 tracks have been rated.

Melophobia by Cage The Elephant.

Random Access Memories by Daft Punk 5. Acid Rap by Chance The Rapper.

Reflektor by Arcade Fire. Login or register to comment on this album.

Top albums of the s 6,th. Sicko Mobb's newest single, 'Fiesta' known as 'FeFe', represents a street party in Chiraq, of living the good life with foreign cars and trendy clothes. Best albums of all time 28,th. Rockie Fresh Hook x2 I got the drugs in me I can't stop smoking weed Ayy, ayy, just me and bro Tucked up bout yay This Mary Jane got me stalkin' Now I'm winnin' every race More kush, go cheap Pop flash tricks Remy celebrate Verse I'm layin' in the streets In the bottle with my team Hey hey out with chop fake Many of the niggas stolen foreign maine I got some thotties, these hoes so turnt up I can't see no broke one get some in my lane We doin' our thang, jackin' Range Rovers, Rarris It ain't the same, my robbers got me flyin' kite yay Go Hollywood, I don't want a broke bitch, sorry Good luck to y'all, bitch I'm ballin' John Wall, NBA I remember back then you bitches bag on me ok Gone mp3, all the hoes goin' wild cray cray They don't say go, come in to the party rollin' We can fuck it all, can't get the shit back every day Hook x2 Verse 2: Known for doing crazy things and their Electro Rap street sound, Lil' Travo and Lil' Ceno Sicko Mobb are destined to be the biggest and the next young duo out of 'Chiraq'- better known as Chicago.

With major influences such as Lil' Wayne and Future, Sicko Mobb is starting trends in the city and throughout the world.

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