Kat tun fumetsu no scrum pv

But the choreography is sorta off to me, especially at the interlude part, where they shoulda woulda coulda been more impacto! Bwahahahahahaha… a venom-enal move. This is the second PV from their Kusabi album, and this is also their second serious slash gloomy PV…from their Kusabi album.

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August 25th, Fill in your details below or click an fujetsu to log in: So the PV is about the quartet exploring dark woods in slo-mo and singing in desperate expression. Second, say hello to Kazuya Stevie Wonder-nashi. Is this a rip-off of Ore Ore? You are commenting using your Twitter account. Actually, when I first watched this PV and I saw the 4 lights scene, I felt a shiver of secondhand embarrassment that the members will suddenly show up in the middle of the light like Mo

Oh, Kame, you poor lil turtle, lol. Well, I must say that the performance is… bazingabillionth times betterrrrrr than the PV. Kame looks like a tofu here, as his hair looks so…bedraggle.

Fumetsu no Scrum by KAT-TUN (PV) - Funky and Unique

Bwahahahahahaha… a venom-enal move. Come Here Catchiness Level: So basically they compete with themselves, cheering up by themselves, and win the trophy by themselves.

This choreography was made by one of our homies!! First, lemme say this: So, he suddenly kick! Wigiddy wag, he looks like a mixture of dancing gecko…and rattlesnake. And start doing something disastrous like solo dance or something Ultimate Wheels, anyone??

Based on all of these musical journey and metamorphosis through all the PVs and performances, all I can say is, that KAT-TUN music is indeed a guilty pleasure, for their catchy jinglety tunes are so addictive, we just ignore the fact that their singing voices are shrill and…crispy now I make it sounds more like potato chips.

Fymetsu this PV they also suit up in black ensemble, and for the first time ever. But here, they reach the intention nicely and spot-on. The Metamorphosis Hey-looooo, my hyphen-squids!!!

All I can say is: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter kst comment here Like seriously, everyone looks serious and manly here. I think themselves knew them better than none other. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Well done and bravo, mi amigos por siempre muoy mucho fantastico!! Truth be told, this PV is one of my faves and the dance choreography is my favourite among others.

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And then they tie up the 2 least important members Taguchi and Uedaand take Kame as hostage, and then pointing gun at his head. Because you do realized you hair in every pv on the post is freaking the same XD. The messy golden boys. Gosh, this pose remained me of a Sailormoon actress dance rofl.

To The Limit Catchiness Level: Then we have the usual fmetsu one on one shot.

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