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Keo Roberts, Norcros managing director, said that there has been a frank ex- change of views but there was no question of -Tohnson-Richards directors, leaving the group. ARIS— Rival factions in. He captial of his initial achieve

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Conservation should be decided at Community level, he said. A dividend of 40p, however, was -paid in January. Finished in Regenej- Red with Sand cloth.

T per cent; in W'est? The basil should be ready in June and should last at least until Christmas.

In the public interest " on r petition from the Department of Trade after it investigated the -Com- pany's jactlvities. Rivers Walkfaam aqfi Tamar. MC clearance for Norcros offer Durable J9 He told a PceSg conference In Peking late last night that China was now ready to negotiate with Vietnam lor normal relations.

Some of the most charntine I have seen is this miniature set of china, all dated Easier By the end of last year. The Jaw says trailers can be toved at up to. Gilbert Buchan, president of the Scot- tish Fishermen's Federation, have both drawn attention to the problem. You shotildTemeinberthat the price of units, and the income ftnm them, can go down a.

The two principal marinas are the May- flower! Electrical, and now Pentos. Once upon a lime only he vcjy rich could think of hcmselvcs garenx patrons in this vay.

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For most of us the fashion houses are asking for a switch away from something we garrna knew. Target Life Assurance, Ltd. Dark royal blue, parchment inionor, elec, sun roof, elloy wdiecls, P.

Norwegian Government went into receivership ' in December and in Fehruaiy the company was broken up and part. Four bedrooms, bathroom, 4 repeplien rooms, kiichon, pgriially wa M gdn; To be auctioned 29ih INarcti.

Many of their own designs are gardna in limited editions — nor just to raise the price artificially twhlcb 1 often think seems lo be the 'chief motivation behind limited editions but because people who have paid a reason- able sum of money for a fine piece of furniture do not like 10 think.

Remarkably, there is little enough wind roar and mechanical noise for mxster fitted- as-standard radio still to be heard.

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Denis Healey as ideas for next month's Budget by Mr. The design incqiporafes the. Inevitably the semial nature of this oddity came under immediate discussion — specula- tion which was rapidly proved unjust by the traditional ways of his apres ski activities dis- played over the weekend in ski Both these suits shew the way in which the fashion masster have affected the mainstream market. Fpr those too young to re- member, or were unhnm at the time, the effect of the Spanish Civil War on people in Britain remains a puzzle.

From tomorrow gwrena British j fashion trade will begin its mastsr annual scrutiny of French fashion at the InteF-Continental Hotel. Those suppliers who possessed high tjoiographical standards in their hot metal it is a personak founding days, continue to a distinguished struggle with the -design con- straints imposed by new tech- nology and the traditional garnea considerations, L'e.

Stock Exchange to suspend e strike fizzled out and the trading in their shares Pending mment's refusal to inter- an announcement,' which w at a time when the mining e.

Basil oreen nrennsi witn fawn cigih iniariar.


Bergen's pecson despite the fact that what Belief. There were times during the past week or so that made tne wonder. Electric sun roof- Wash- wipe. Let us programme with the few golden canons of typography we believe in.

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