Bipode more rokkha koro

This page contains lyric of Tagore song bipade more rakkha karo and its transliteration in English with background history. Perhaps you might consider not consoling me when I am filled with sorrow, Let me instead learn to conquer it when faced with pain. Aamare tumi koribe traan e nahe mor praarthana - Torite paari shakoti jeno roy.

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We have been working hard to improve the quality of all the notations as quick as possible. Sung by the verified singers of this website.

Bipode More Rokkha Koro

Dukkhotaapey byathito chitey nai ba diley shantona, dukkhe jeno koritey bpode joy. Get detail information about the song i. My prayer is not for you to be my savior — I would rather you gave me the will to overcome. List of available Staff Notation and Midi.

An Artist's Garden Gardening from the perspective of an artist. Dukkhotaape byathito chite naai baa dile santanaa, Dukkhey jeno korite paari joy. Collection of Rabindra Sangeet Sung by the talented and upcoming singers published in this site. Shohay more na jodi jutey nijer bol na jeno tutey, shongsharetey ghotiley kkhoti, lobhiley shudhu bonchona nijero mone na jeno maani kkhoy.

Click to post your feedback at Geetabitan forum. List of available English Translation. Pitaro Duare Daraiya Sobe. Are you sure you want to continue?

Song bipade more rakkha karo | Musical notation

View and read the notation swaralipi of Tagore song bipade more rakkha karo. Find Rabindra sangeet - Song starts with: Sitalo Tobo Pado Chaya. Get Notified about the latest hits and trends, so that you are always on top of the latest in music when it comes to your friends. Sobe Mile Gawo Re. Animesh Akhi Sei Ke Dekheche. This site uses cookies. Lyric and background history with taal, raag, parjaay. List of available Hindi Translation. Jore mor naa jodi jute nijer bol blpode jeno tute - Songsaarete ghotile khoti, lobhile shudhu banchona, Nijer mone naa jeno maani khoy.

Dukhero Beshe Esecho Bole.

A space to showcase the linguistic complexity that resists and persists in Australia today. Antoro Momo Bikoshito Koro.

Gardens Eye View Thoughts about life, living, and gardening Niber O Antoro Toro. Allow us for some time to prepare it for you, depending on the number of same request are pending with us. Kangalicharan Sen, Bheemrao Shastri.

Bani Tobo Hi Anonto Gogone. Namrasheere shukhero diney tomari mukho loibo chiney — Dukhero raatey nikhilo dhora jedin korey bonchona tomarey jeno na kori shongshoy.

Sakolo Gorbo Duro Kori Dibo. Add to queue drop here. Visit the following links. Click to post your feedback at Geetabitan forum.

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