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These controls can also be used in playback mode if audio has been recorded alongside the video, the Operator can then select the speaker buttons to hear the audio while reviewing the video images. The number of pictures per second for the selected camera is also displayed in the bottom left of the raw data panel. Controls available in Live mode only. Selecting Refresh will refresh the event list. Compatibility Requires iOS 5.

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Fast rewind - move quickly back through the recorded video.

The display option can be selected from the drop down list. Zoom control — zoom in on an object, zoom out for full view. When paused the Rewind and Fast Forward buttons change to frame back and frame forward. Enter the relevant information into the Basic configuration screen, refer to Editing Settings for more detailed information.

Click on a segment and press the corresponding camera button to netvieew displayed. This does not apply to any Temporary image servers that are selected for view, it will only recall the Stored image servers and corresponding cameras. Picture in Picture It is possible to display a picture as an overlay of the main picture, the overlay can be a single or quad display.

Fast forward - move quickly through the playback video. Behaviour This determines how the application will function allowing access to a pre-configured database, netvies the event database will store and display information, network settings and audio connectivity.

If a multiscreen display is selected, choosing a camera for display will automatically display the consecutive cameras in the multiscreen. All cameras neetview associated video will be active in the site tree and boserver be individually selected for replay, Alternatively a multiscreen can be selected to review all cameras simultaneously. Use the installation wizard and follow the screen prompts to install the file. Press the Done button, the imported images will automatically displayed in the application.

Select Download to download the images, this process may take a several seconds depending on the number of files that are to be downloaded. When fast forward or rewind have been selected, the speed of obsedver video can be increased by up to times the normal speed by selecting one of the options from the drop down list.

Common controls - controls available in both Live and Playback mode. It is possible to configure the activity log to show different levels of messages, if you experience difficulties using the program Technical Support may ask you to select debug mode for all messages to be visible. Enter the name allocated to the image server this is configured via the on-board web pages on the unitenter the IP address of the image server.

Netvkew Control Image servers supports bi-directional communication. Network Timeout If the NetVu ObserVer does not receive a response or video images from the selected image server within a set time the viewer will automatically display the timeout image, this is the timeout period in observr.

NetVu ObserVer (free) download Windows version

Adding an Image Server Temporary. Run the exe file.

If a removable hard drive is to be reviewed this must be connected prior to selecting this option. It is necessary to install the appropriate JRE file for the PC operating system the software is to be installed on. Refresh the Event List. Download Images It is possible to select a time and date and download all associated recorded images from the hard drive of the image server to the local PC or a networked PC. Developer Website App Support. Thanks for the time spent on this; well done.

NetVu Observer user guide.qxp

Page 32 Dedicated Micros Appendix A Display Options There are a number of screen displays supported within the viewer, any of these can be selected from the drop down list. Installing the NetVu ObserVer application 1. When selected a web interface Explorer, Netscape, etc will automatically be launched and you will presented with the main menu of the web pages for the unit.

Single A single screen of the selected camera will be displayed in live or playback mode. To connect to a Temporary Image Server, enter the IP address of the unit in the application and select the Add button, it may take several seconds to make the connection the time period will be dependant on the network connection.

Aspect Ratio This ensures the images displayed maintain the aspect ration of 4:

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