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Looks like it's between the sibwings and the alabeo. I actually rather like this package because of the variations given. Sibwings Pitts Released payware. Please login or register if you want to add publisher of this project.

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Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Flight Dynamics Naval HQ. Stalls, Spins, hammerheads etc I thought the Addictive Sims was supposed to have the best Pitts flight model? Please login or register to add screenshots into the catalog. But then again maybe the sibwings that flies more like its rw counterpart? You can get the Sibwings Pitts for free if you entered the Birddog or the Safir screenie comp that was on sometime back.

SibWings: Pitts Repaints

Any of you bought this? The prize was the Pitts on release sibwiings the best pic but looks like everyone who entered is getting a free Pitts!

Links to on-line stores should be placed here, you may add your own small comment about price or service. I5 k overclocked to 4. Once some repaints come in there is a paint kit it will definately replace the Addictive Sim version. It's sibwingd low cost to you so I'd buy it. Originally Posted by Barnes.

Aviat Pitts Special by SibWings

Sib-Wings has a known reputation for quality in my opinion. I checked their fb site and posters seem to be complaining sibwigns the flight performance and "physics". Joystick, TrackIR Internet connection required for product activation. How are the flight dynamics and does it feel like an aerobatic plane? Wow, that snuck in under the radar, all we need now this Christmas is the Huey from Dodo Sim!!!

September 5th, I can't get it working unless I add a ton of rudder while in the spin.

Please login or register to add link to related file into the catalog. I have heard nothing at all about the Sibwings version. How is the Aerobatic capability of this one? But it wont replace the new Alabeo S2S which just rules in my opinion. Sibwings Pitts Released payware. I can't get it to do some things like hammerheads I've got no aerobatic experience either but I own the Alabeo version.

We have three models to choose from: Hardly any of them will perform a realistic spin. They've got a few bugs and will incorporate fixes into an upcoming SP. Maybe the alabeo has the better Vc? I was looking at the Sukoi and I would like to try it, but I won't unless someone can comment on the Flight model fix for the pitts or the exisating flight model for the sukoi.

May 5th, Results 1 to 25 of Accurate paint kit and additional liveries available sibwinfs Highly detailed and fully animated exterior and interior models including such FSX features as bump, custom reflection and specular mapping, dynamic self shadows, advanced animation.

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