Identification of indigenous games according to the potential of their use in the curriculum. The first stage of the game involves placing these cows on the Morabarbara board. The practice of constructivism in education.

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These observations are discussed below. Align it Board game is a traditional two-player strategy board game for two players. Collaborative Evaluation in a Primary School.

South African Indigenous Games. Constructivism as a referent for teaching and learning. Using indigenous games such as morabaraba in this way is therefore important for putting government policy into practice. Indigenous games, indigenous knowledge systems and ethnomathematics.

The rules of Morabarbara at first seem a bit complicated, but bear in mind the game is played by young children and herd boys, so you'll pick them up fairly quickly!


Kirkby states that games can help morabarxba to develop mathematical skills. Educational Researcher The research sites consisted of schools in Limpopo and the North-West Province, respectively. This results in a striking sound made by the two fingers, giving a feeling that something has been beaten.

Starting with white, the players take turns placing one checker at a time on empty intersections of the board Players are trying to make a mill, which is three checkers in a row.

Culture, Games and Mathematics Education: D'Ambrosio's definition states that. As a result, it is generally very difficult to follow the reasoning behind the learners' moves without asking them questions. Ellen argues that every kind of anthropological research requires a certain, if minimal, amount of participation on the part of the researcher.

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This shows that a lack of knowledge of the game caused the game to take longer than when the rules were known. A Study on N'tchuva: The player with only three checkers can move to any empty intersection, not just the adjacent ones.

Inleiding tot Didaktiese Pedagogiek. Is it possible to use the games inside the classroom? In the context of this study, morzbaraba should be understood to refer to a learner.

After all checkers have been placed on the board players take turns moving a checker to an adjacent empty intersection. Using a Game as a Teaching Device. Games in the Mathematics Classroom. The above possible combinations can be seen in Figure 1.

His research interests include language, culture, and indigenous knowledge in mathematics and science education. If both players have only three checkers or neither player captures a checkers within ten moves, the game is drawn. Mosimege points out that the South Sotho name of morabaraba is the name most used for this game by South Africans. Post was not moorabaraba - check your email addresses!

It is said that Morabaraba boards carved in rock are dated to be at least years old, which would indicate a non-European origin. There are two players with each having morxbaraba 'cows' of differing colours. This prevents a situation where the game can end in a draw in the placement phase.

Come2Play - Board Games. Rules of Morabaraba Learn the rules of Morabaraba in this short video explaining how to play the traditional Africa game of Morabaraba then check out and play the game itself. Starting with white, the players take turns placing one checker at a morabaraha on empty intersections of the board.

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