Original MineCraft Texture Pack. Recolour your grass top and sides to be the colour that you want, rather than grey. When do u think u will finish it?

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Hopefully getting some new pics today as well. With blocks next to the door, we are blocked.

DScraft - WikiTemp, the GBAtemp wiki

Original MineCraft Texture Pack. All prices are in USD. It would make me really happy! The fscraft of them Umm At the moment this is a rather complete adptation of "creative mode" or minecraft Classicwhich means there is only exploration and creation in this version.

Minecraft On Nintendo 3DS For Free - DSCraft Homebrew

When placing or deleting torchs light blocks near the map's edges 4 or less blocksgame crashes Guru meditation error or fscraft strange happens.

A clean flat map near the spawn point and big structure around it to watch your creation from above.

Video by Arrow42 Banner by Thebigron You need to move a little back and the map will load new blocks near your position. Seems like a thunderstorm but when you stop moving so does the flashing. Any one of these R4 3DS cards will work and let you play the game. If you want to know what textures I have made, here are some direct links: Put both of dscradt files onto the root directory of your flashcard or its included memory stick. I didn't know if this thread was even going to get any views at all, and I'm really glad you all like it.

How to play Minecraft on your DS via DScraft

I haven't finished ink sacs or cocoa beans, so when I finish that, expect a picture spotlight on the dyes: Lots of stuff to explore here. Water blocks can be placed on top of other water blocks to form a 1x1 pillar when placing farther than 4 blocks away. Copyright R4 3DS. It comes in two versions: The water is really not invisible in the empty case, as you can't grab the empty case 4 - try re-swapping the water to the empty place: If all goes to plan, the game should now be playing.

The mapGen program is used to generate new worlds. You can move out of them from up high and move back in after falling for a bit, stoping when you re-enter.

Modified version of GeruDoku v1. Use the onscreen navigation to find the DScraft.

Thats a nice texture pack u have there. DScraft was made by smealum alone in his spare time and is in no way associated with Minecraft or Mojang. Breaking a torch at the top of the sky cause a guru mediation error pc: EEF0C This must be because the game was not patched, patched game works.

It's provided here as dcsraft only. Simply execute it and follow the steps.

The moon "borns" next to the sun, she should born on the other side. Plus some dirt and a tool I didn't intend on being there:

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