G4fon koch trainer

Later he will need to copy by sound when increasing his speed. WPM This sets the words-per-minute, using the standard morse speed rules. This problem appears as appears as clicks and also off pitch tones.

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Add to it as you go along.

I use it during my daily commute. I kooch enjoy and appreciate your scientific approach to your published articles. On the other hand you may be planning to go commercial with the app at some point, in which case open source may not be what you want.

The temporary solution is to use the speech mode with a sufficient delay. The last version of my g4fon. Added extra code so that all settings are now saved at shutdown and loaded on restart. Some of the spoken letters sound rather funny. If you have a suggestion, send it to me and I will endeavour to incorporate it in a later release.

This settings allows characters to be spaced more than the standard 3-dots time.

I am a professional software developer and I spent a huge amount of my time writing and debugging code. In I moved to America, returning in Fixed bug in lessons displayed Fixed bug in running out of memory when playing at a slow speed v1.

Sir, I am appreciative of this very flexible learning tool. Thank you and 73, Nick N3WG. I have the same problem. Thank you very much kodh creating and publishing it.

G4FON Koch Morse Trainer

g4ton I just get a silence. When reporting a problem time triner be saved by sending me the following details: I believe that the need for strong conditional reflexes is unquestioned for effective CW operations. Reporting problems If you experience a problem with the Morse trainer, contact me at the email address shown to the left of this screen.

The method is simple: During that time I held reciprocal licenses - first in W9 and then in W1.

Training fast CW on Android (Koch method)

This setting allows higher separation between words. DLL after playing a few characters" This is a conflict between the software and the sound card driver. For me it would be very helpful, if I could enlarge the letters on the display. By the way, I was looking for a light key for portable use because every key I have is heavier than the itself, never mind having along both the vertical and the paddle! I have the same problem? This sets the words-per-minute, using the standard morse speed rules.

The version number of the software from the About screen.

A Morse Trainer using the Koch method

Learn how your comment data is processed. Reflex jam — When you are working on a set of characters you know very well, you will see that you will able to write them in a continuous flow; but as soon g4fno you encounter a new character, this mechanism will jam and you will not be able to recognize the following characters, even if well known, until you get to focus on it again. I am looking forward to the new V2 release mainly for the softer audio tone.

BTW what is VY? Thanks for the app. La utilizo siempre cuando no estoy con mi RxTx para no olvidar el CW.

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